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About Rangoli Bath Towel Collection

Explore the diverse world of Rangoli Bath Towels, where your bathing experience is turned into a cosmos of options according to your preferences. Our range reflects our consumers' tastes, from extravagant elegance to practical functionality. Each towel is meticulously crafted to enrich your daily routine. Whether you want luxurious comfort, rapid absorbency, or premium materials, our collection takes care of your every unique whim & request.

Discover the essence of Rangoli as you find the perfect towel for your unique needs, enriching your bath and your entire day.

Thoughtful and Sustainable

Discover the essence of Rangoli Bath Towels with our "Thoughtful and Sustainable" collection. We take pride in offering you a range of bamboo bath towels that cater to your comfort and style and prioritise sustainability. Each towel is meticulously crafted with biodegradable light bamboo From luxurious comfort to eco-conscious materials, our collection is designed thoughtfully for your well-being and the environment. Experience the beauty of sustainability in every soft, plush, and absorbent thread.

Artsy & Statement

You can turn your bathing ritual into art with our Artsy Bath Towels. These towels are more than just a means of drying; they're also a vivid canvas for comfort and style. Rangoli's Artsy line features a variety of premium luxury towels that have been expertly designed for both aesthetics and usefulness. Wrap yourself in unique designs and luxurious textures that revolutionize your bathing experience and immerse yourself in luxury. Each towel has something unique to offer: A statement embroidery, a lace add-on, an interesting pattern or simple a fabulous intriguing not-seen-everyday colour. Rangoli's Artsy Bath Towels are the ideal combination of artistry and functionality, elevating your everyday routine to new levels of luxury.

High absorbency, soft & plush zero-twist cotton towel

Our zero-twist absorbent cotton towels provide great absorbency. These soft and plush towels dry you swiftly and comfortably. This exquisite alternative will elevate your post-bath moments.

Royal designed, terry cotton towel with premium luxury absorbency.

Our terry cotton towels will make you feel like royalty. These towels, designed for ultimate luxury and exceptional high absorbency towels, provide flair and comfort, elevating your bathing experience.

Soft & plush, two-ply cotton yarn velour towel with a velvety finish.

Our two-ply cotton yarn velour towels have a velvety soft feel. These towels offer unparalleled comfort and a luxurious texture, making them ideal for indulging post-bath moments.

Velvet velour cotton towels with intricate printed lace borders.

Our velvet velour towels with beautiful printed lace borders exude elegance. These towels mix style and sophistication, taking your bathing experience to a new level of luxury.

Plush & soft Single-ply velour cotton embroidered towels with a velvety finish. 

Our luxurious and silky velour cotton embroidered towels will make your bathing experience more enjoyable. These premium luxury towels are luxurious and comfortable, with a velvety feel and beautiful embroidery.

PlainJane & functional

Our Plainjane and Functional Bath Towels online testify to the fundamentals of durability and everyday utility. These towels are intended to blend into your daily routine, satisfying your practical demands with uncompromising dependability. This series, designed to resist the rigours of daily use, embodies simplicity, robustness, functionality, and high absorbency. We realise the significance of towels that are both functional and long-lasting. The Plainjane & Functional towel collection is for those who value simple, no-frills quality.

Experience trustworthy towels that epitomise pragmatism, boosting your regular bathing routine with long-lasting comfort.

Rangoli-highly durable double-ply yarn daily terry cotton embroidered towel

Our highly durable towels double-ply yarn daily terry cotton embroidered towels combine strength with elegance. Perfect for daily use, these towels feature intricate embroidery for a touch of sophistication.

Rangoli- highly durable & strong single-ply yarn daily terry cotton towel.

Experience strength and durability with our single-ply yarn daily terry cotton towels. Designed for daily use, these towels provide lasting quality and reliability.

Rangoli-comfort, light & easy, terry cotton towel with a thin fabric finish.

Our terry cotton towels with a thin fabric finish offer the ideal solution for those who prefer lightweight towels' comfort. Easy to use and soft to the touch, these towels make your daily routine a breeze.

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