Cotton Hair Wraps


Care for your hair with our Hair Towel Wraps

Shoprangoli’s hair wraps are the perfect way to wrap and style your hair comfortably. Our hair wraps offer superior absorption, smart patterns and luxurious comfort that nourishes your hair. Whether you’re looking for our artsy hair wrap Collection or our plain Jane and functional artsy hair wrap collection, you’re in for a treat.

Artsy Hair Wrap Collection

Discover the world of artful hair wraps. Shoprangoli’s Artful Hair Wrap Collection adds a touch of trend to your everyday life by serving as the canvas for creative patterns and functional hair wraps. Crafted with ingenuity, these hair wraps are perfect for those who love fashion and practicality. Beautifully crafted, these hair wraps will enhance your after-shower experience while effectively drying your hair and accentuating your style.

Plain Jane and Functional Hair Wrap Collection Collection

Shoprangoli’s plain Jane and functional hair wrap collection explores simple and functional. This collection is for the practical yet stylish person who wants comfort and ease. These wraps make your hair drying routine easier with no fuss utility while keeping it understated. Whether you’re looking for simple hair care tips or a blend of practicality and style, our Plain Jane & Functional Artsy hair wrap Collection has you covered.

Benefits of Hair Towel Wrap

Hair towel wraps offer several benefits over using a regular towel for drying your hair. Unlike standard towels, these wraps are designed specifically for hair care, which means they are gentler on your strands and less likely to cause hair breakage. They are often shaped differently, with a secure fastening system, making them more convenient to use and ensuring your hair stays in place while drying. Additionally, hair towel wraps are typically made from absorbent materials that help reduce drying time, leaving your hair looking and feeling healthier. Some more hair towel wrap benefits include:

1. Superior Absorption

Our hair wraps have high GSM and are made from 100% natural cotton for maximum absorbency for fast-drying hair.

2. Luxurious Comfort

The softness of combed single-ply long-staple cotton against your hair feels spa-like.

3. Secure Fit

Our hair wraps have a matching button closure and are secured with an elastic band.

4. Lightweight

Portable and lightweight, our wraps weigh between 360 GSM and 400 GSM.

How do I use the hair towel wrap?

Our hair towel wrap instructions are simple and practical to use. Take these easy actions:

  1. Squeeze out any extra water after washing your hair with care.
  2. With the button towards the nape of your neck, position the Hair Towel Wrap on your head.
  3. Utilising the button and elastic, twist the wrap and fasten it.
  4. Leave it on as you get dressed or go about your post-shower routine.
  5. Enjoy your dry, gorgeous hair after unwrapping.

Is the Hair Towel Wrap safe to wash/dry?

Our hair towel wraps are designed for your convenience. If you machine wash and dry them securely, they will keep your hair clean and ready when using your hair towel wrap. Ensure you follow the care instructions that come with your towel wrap to ensure that it is of the highest quality and lasts for a long time.

Shoprangoli Hair Towel Wraps usage is perfect for your daily hair care routine. Browse our selection, choose your favourite style and treat your hair carefully. Say goodbye to bulky and heavy towels and hello to comfort and style!

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